Friday, February 29, 2008

Keeping Tim in my thoughts...

This morning I found out some pretty sad news. A very close friend of mine was dating a woman for a rather long time, and were actually in the midst of having a very mutual breakup. He was going to help her after her upcoming surgery and when she got better they would go their own ways. He left her at their house over a weekend, but he and some of her friends had some really bad feelings. When Tim headed back to his house he found his girlfriend in bed, he tried to wake her by grabbing her arm. She was very cold to the touch and he found a note. Unfortunately the bottom half of the note's ink was blurry due to fact that the note was by her head and liquid from her mouth had blurred it. Tim called 911 because he knew Tonia was gone and he was so scared and afraid of what happened. Tonia was very depressed and was on a lot of medication for her emotions. She told Tim that she was sorry she couldn't be the woman that he wanted and that she would miss her kids very much. The ME eventually informed Tim that she had taken 20 Xanax and 30-35 Loratab. Obviously she passed away peacefully and without any pain. Poor Tim is doing better, but still kind of in shock. I know this explanation is short and probably confusing, but I needed to write it down to take it all in.

Sad that a lot of people don't realize that pain they inflict on people they care about when they do something like this. Makes me very sad to see him in such pain and depression. Anyway, if everyone can keep him in your thoughts and prayers that would be helpful!!

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