Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Emotionally and physically drained...

Today I am totally lost with exhaustion. So many thins piling on me today that are causing me to literally break down, and being a female right now doesn't help. ;) Our new contracts are still in negotiations and since they are with the government it will be that way for a while. At the end of the negotiations it will be well worth the wait, but as for right now it is way too much stress. We are getting rid of our cars so we don't have to worry about the payments or anything else. We are purchasing a cheap older car, this will loosen some of our stress. There are a few other things that are just adding up to make things hard. I just with the government contracts would start already so that I can stop stressing over money right now. But there is nothing I can do to speed things up, it is the government after all. LOL So I will just sit back and try my hardest to relax. I am trying to get into a bridal shop to maybe work there for a bit, maybe even stay there when the contract begins. It is something I love and something I would for sure enjoy doing. Anyway, just needed to vent for a few seconds, hoping that will help.


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