Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mississippi banning feeding fatties?!?!

Recently in reading some news online, Jon ran into an article that made both our jaws drop. The article is about some state representatives that are trying to pass a law that does not allow restaurants to serve obese people. WTF?!?!?!? Are we then putting the judging in the servers hands? Such a smart idea, and how can we determine at that moment what is obese and what is not. The kids that are usually sitting people are still in High School, yeah that is a wise choice for them to be the deciding factors. Maybe they have not heard of racial discrimination, yeah that worked out well for us huh? Maybe we should be focusing on teaching healthy eating habits at a young age. Try getting rid of pop and fatty/sugary snack foods in schools. Teaching families how to eat better and be active. People on a lower fixed income cannot generally afford to purchase or eat a cleaner diet. Maybe look into that instead of banning them from public places as if they are our redheaded stepchildren and we should be ashamed of them. Makes me sick and sad all at the same time that our country has gotten to this point. No wonder a lot other countries are sitting back and laughing at us...

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Monica said...

I guess I'll never be visiting Mississippi!