Friday, February 29, 2008

Keeping Tim in my thoughts...

This morning I found out some pretty sad news. A very close friend of mine was dating a woman for a rather long time, and were actually in the midst of having a very mutual breakup. He was going to help her after her upcoming surgery and when she got better they would go their own ways. He left her at their house over a weekend, but he and some of her friends had some really bad feelings. When Tim headed back to his house he found his girlfriend in bed, he tried to wake her by grabbing her arm. She was very cold to the touch and he found a note. Unfortunately the bottom half of the note's ink was blurry due to fact that the note was by her head and liquid from her mouth had blurred it. Tim called 911 because he knew Tonia was gone and he was so scared and afraid of what happened. Tonia was very depressed and was on a lot of medication for her emotions. She told Tim that she was sorry she couldn't be the woman that he wanted and that she would miss her kids very much. The ME eventually informed Tim that she had taken 20 Xanax and 30-35 Loratab. Obviously she passed away peacefully and without any pain. Poor Tim is doing better, but still kind of in shock. I know this explanation is short and probably confusing, but I needed to write it down to take it all in.

Sad that a lot of people don't realize that pain they inflict on people they care about when they do something like this. Makes me very sad to see him in such pain and depression. Anyway, if everyone can keep him in your thoughts and prayers that would be helpful!!

Life's little punch lines...

Not sure why I named this blog *that*, but it sounded cute. But life has been a little crazy lately and we are just trying to make life smooth. Since we are still in the waiting period for our contract to go through, it is looking like June will be our month. Happy birthday to me huh? But Jon has been working for Maverick the gas station as a tech guy, and he gets to work from home a lot. That is a plus for me to hang out with him a lot. Now the really good news is that I have an interview with a bridal shop on Saturday! Yipee!! For those of you that know me probably can see that this is very exciting for me. If I get it and love it I will probably stay there even while we have the contract. My diet is coming along swimmingly and although it is frustrating I realize that it will be all worth it in the end. Zoe is doing well at school and enjoying it a lot. She has a lot of friends, but is sad that her neighbor friend here just moved. She will be heading to Wyoming in a week for her cousins baptism. Her grandma is giving her the hamster she has for her library at her school. So of course she is thrilled about that! But otherwise life in general is pretty good, just off and on of stress. I just am looking forward to the contract to going through so we can put bills and all that stressful stuff behind us. Anyway, got to go work out!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

David Archuleta...very impressive.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

WSOP Here I Come!!!!

WSOP- World Series of Poker...yeah! LOL I recently learned how to play poker and absolutely love it! We went and bought a bag from Cabela's that had tons of poker chips, dealer chips and cards. Jon taught me how to play and now I can't get enough of it. Every time I have played for some reason I rock the house. Last night we played with some friends for a couple of hours. By the last hand I had most of everyone's chips. There were only a few left on the table and a few in the stacker that I didn't consume with my almighty hand of poker. So much fun!

Friday, February 22, 2008

8 Year Old Basketball

So this year Zoe decided to play basketball for Springville City. Jon and I coach her soccer team every October, but we didn't sign up to coach the basketball. The coach that Zoe had was the father of two girls that were on our soccer team this year. Now in soccer at this age Jon and I make sure they learn positions and how to actually play the game. This is the most important time for them to learn this information. During the soccer season however we had to miss a game. So we asked a few dad's to coach for us that day, we ended up having the soon to be basketball coach be the sub. Now our team was not in any way amazing, but we were good. We won almost all our games and when we did lose a game it was only by one or two points. Anyway, we come back from our trip to hear about the game from Zoe's mom. Cristen explained that the sub-"coach" brought a lawn chair and just pointed to the girls he wanted in at that time. No one knew their positions, who they were supposed to guard, or who even the goalie was. So we ended up losing that game around 7-0. Yeah...all the parents seemed to be a little upset. We also had practice during the entire season every Wednesday for the girls to learn. So, on to this season of basketball...

Zoe had two practices, two that is it. Granted they are young, but this is the time they learn about the game. Not only did they have two practices, but I am not sure you can even call them practices. It seemed like a time for the coach to come and play with his "co-coach". They only shot baskets from the free-throw line, never discussed blocking, rebounding, passing or anything at all. One of those practices were a big group practice. All of the teams met at a gym and practiced in their own teams. I guess I am just frustrated that Jon and I put in some much work for soccer. We made binders for the parents with schedules, numbers, information about the rules and treat dates, maps...everything. At the end of the season I made certificates for the girls and gave them medals. We made sure that all treats were healthy given the fact that these girls were in a sports activity. Anyway, I was just annoyed yesterday at the last game with the coach. He sat on the bench while the girls played and he didn't say a word. I think next year Jon and I will also coach basketball so that we can make sure the girls learn something this year. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Early Valentine's Day Surprise!

Monday evening Jon asked what we were doing for dinner. At that time I had not thawed anything since we just recently got home from the grocery store. So I offered a few less than savory ideas, not on purpose though. Grilled cheese, sandwiches that kind of general stuff. At this time Jon told me to get dressed and he started making calls. Now, to whom I am unsure of at this point in time. After a few minutes of doing make-up and that kind of stuff, he then excused himself for an errand. At this point I was a little nervous about the errand he apparently had to run. Jon peeks his head in through our front door and asks me to remove myself from the front room. So as I am sitting on the toilet, (not going to the bathroom by the way) again he peeks his head in and asks if I am ready. The doors opens and there are two dozen roses sitting there on the table. In the form that you see them on! It was sooooo pretty, and amazing. So all dolled up and apparently somewhere to go we got into our car and headed out. We ended up in SLC at my favorite place ever, Spencer's Steak and Chops at the Hilton hotel. We had an amazing dinner and great company! It was a wonderful wonderful surprise!
I have a wonderful husband and a great friend in him as well! :) Happy V day everyone!!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mississippi banning feeding fatties?!?!

Recently in reading some news online, Jon ran into an article that made both our jaws drop. The article is about some state representatives that are trying to pass a law that does not allow restaurants to serve obese people. WTF?!?!?!? Are we then putting the judging in the servers hands? Such a smart idea, and how can we determine at that moment what is obese and what is not. The kids that are usually sitting people are still in High School, yeah that is a wise choice for them to be the deciding factors. Maybe they have not heard of racial discrimination, yeah that worked out well for us huh? Maybe we should be focusing on teaching healthy eating habits at a young age. Try getting rid of pop and fatty/sugary snack foods in schools. Teaching families how to eat better and be active. People on a lower fixed income cannot generally afford to purchase or eat a cleaner diet. Maybe look into that instead of banning them from public places as if they are our redheaded stepchildren and we should be ashamed of them. Makes me sick and sad all at the same time that our country has gotten to this point. No wonder a lot other countries are sitting back and laughing at us...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Emotionally and physically drained...

Today I am totally lost with exhaustion. So many thins piling on me today that are causing me to literally break down, and being a female right now doesn't help. ;) Our new contracts are still in negotiations and since they are with the government it will be that way for a while. At the end of the negotiations it will be well worth the wait, but as for right now it is way too much stress. We are getting rid of our cars so we don't have to worry about the payments or anything else. We are purchasing a cheap older car, this will loosen some of our stress. There are a few other things that are just adding up to make things hard. I just with the government contracts would start already so that I can stop stressing over money right now. But there is nothing I can do to speed things up, it is the government after all. LOL So I will just sit back and try my hardest to relax. I am trying to get into a bridal shop to maybe work there for a bit, maybe even stay there when the contract begins. It is something I love and something I would for sure enjoy doing. Anyway, just needed to vent for a few seconds, hoping that will help.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

I need some feedback!?!?!?!

Okay ladies! I need some feedback on some information. Now sometime in a females life they will either have a wedding, be in a wedding, attend a wedding, plan a wedding, help plan a wedding or pay for a wedding. Now in planning a wedding or anything at all that has to do with a wedding things become very stressful. Especially driving all over the place to hit each vendor, photography, food, dresses, announcements and cakes. All of it adds up to a lot of time and gas spent. So I need some information and feedback to this...if you entered a "mall" that's sole purpose was to provide you with all things wedding, would this be a good thing for bad thing. You enter and there are wedding dress stores, bridesmaids, flower girls, tuxedo shops, flower, everything and anything weddings.

At the entrance there is a reception desk that allows you to sort of check in. Information about your upcoming event, address all that. If you don't have an event and are just looking around, just putting in your name and number for future. Then you are also offered an assistant to shop with you. Talk you through you wedding, helping with prices. You could use this person to personalize your wedding for a simple fee. Vendors set up shops for you to look at everything and make appointments. Have servers walk around the "mall" offering drinks and offering small samples of their catering companies food. They give you a crab cake or something and if you like it they have a business card for you to take.

Also have drawings for clients, returning receipts to the reception desk at the end of your shopping day. We put in your name a certain number of times according to how much you spent. The winners could receive discounts on products from vendors at the "mall". Over all it would be a one stop wedding location, no more driving to millions of dress shops, photographer offices, bakeries, flower shops and all that.

Let me know what you think either by posting a comment on this blog or e-mailing me at