Friday, February 22, 2008

8 Year Old Basketball

So this year Zoe decided to play basketball for Springville City. Jon and I coach her soccer team every October, but we didn't sign up to coach the basketball. The coach that Zoe had was the father of two girls that were on our soccer team this year. Now in soccer at this age Jon and I make sure they learn positions and how to actually play the game. This is the most important time for them to learn this information. During the soccer season however we had to miss a game. So we asked a few dad's to coach for us that day, we ended up having the soon to be basketball coach be the sub. Now our team was not in any way amazing, but we were good. We won almost all our games and when we did lose a game it was only by one or two points. Anyway, we come back from our trip to hear about the game from Zoe's mom. Cristen explained that the sub-"coach" brought a lawn chair and just pointed to the girls he wanted in at that time. No one knew their positions, who they were supposed to guard, or who even the goalie was. So we ended up losing that game around 7-0. Yeah...all the parents seemed to be a little upset. We also had practice during the entire season every Wednesday for the girls to learn. So, on to this season of basketball...

Zoe had two practices, two that is it. Granted they are young, but this is the time they learn about the game. Not only did they have two practices, but I am not sure you can even call them practices. It seemed like a time for the coach to come and play with his "co-coach". They only shot baskets from the free-throw line, never discussed blocking, rebounding, passing or anything at all. One of those practices were a big group practice. All of the teams met at a gym and practiced in their own teams. I guess I am just frustrated that Jon and I put in some much work for soccer. We made binders for the parents with schedules, numbers, information about the rules and treat dates, maps...everything. At the end of the season I made certificates for the girls and gave them medals. We made sure that all treats were healthy given the fact that these girls were in a sports activity. Anyway, I was just annoyed yesterday at the last game with the coach. He sat on the bench while the girls played and he didn't say a word. I think next year Jon and I will also coach basketball so that we can make sure the girls learn something this year. :)

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The Lone Tree said...

I think that some parents just want ot beable ot say that thay do these things for their kids (title man-whore comes to mind) with out actually being putting any effort into it. Its kinda like getting your girl scout badge with out correctly accomplishing the goal. lol

You might try seeing if you can apporach the "coach" and see what his game plan is or even if he knows about basket ball lol. Maybe say things that might get him more involved in it.

Keep up hope i am sure atleast Zoey will learn the real game from you guys and then like you said maybe you can coach next year. :)