Friday, February 29, 2008

Life's little punch lines...

Not sure why I named this blog *that*, but it sounded cute. But life has been a little crazy lately and we are just trying to make life smooth. Since we are still in the waiting period for our contract to go through, it is looking like June will be our month. Happy birthday to me huh? But Jon has been working for Maverick the gas station as a tech guy, and he gets to work from home a lot. That is a plus for me to hang out with him a lot. Now the really good news is that I have an interview with a bridal shop on Saturday! Yipee!! For those of you that know me probably can see that this is very exciting for me. If I get it and love it I will probably stay there even while we have the contract. My diet is coming along swimmingly and although it is frustrating I realize that it will be all worth it in the end. Zoe is doing well at school and enjoying it a lot. She has a lot of friends, but is sad that her neighbor friend here just moved. She will be heading to Wyoming in a week for her cousins baptism. Her grandma is giving her the hamster she has for her library at her school. So of course she is thrilled about that! But otherwise life in general is pretty good, just off and on of stress. I just am looking forward to the contract to going through so we can put bills and all that stressful stuff behind us. Anyway, got to go work out!!!!

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