Saturday, November 29, 2008

John Travolta fan in the making with a little sushi on the side!

Friday after I got off work Jon and I decided we would go out and celebrate his new job, Yipee!!! We got all dresses up, well as dresses up as we get these days and headed out on the "town". There is a new *lounge* in Provo that we decided to give a try. Very upscale looking place with abstract paintings and lights on the wall, very upscale for Provo, Utah. Then we learned that this *lounge* didn't have any alcohol for my dear husband. So we left and headed to Happy Sumo, our staple. On the way to Happy I kept thinking how I wished that they had someone there who could tell me what sushi I could eat, otherwise I will have to get a Bento Box. Low and behold our waitress was 35 weeks pregnant and helped me find the perfect rolls to quench my sushi thirst.

We were sitting next to some girls who were in their very early early 20's. We were entertained by their topics of conversations and had a contest of which one of us could count more "likes" during a period of time. I gave up after 45 "likes" and won! So with some great sushi in my tummy, edamame as well as few Dr. Peppers we headed home very happy. Soon I realized that I am for sure coming down with a cold. Well being pregnant you are very limited as to what you can actually take to help in the feeling better process. The Albertson's Pharmacists was lovely and helped me find what I could take, but I didn't realize it was non-drowsy until this morning. Around 2:30 when I was still tossing and turning and not breathing so well I decided to take a bath to calm me down.

About 5 minutes into my bath I decided to see if I could feel the baby again, like I felt a few weeks ago. So I touched my tummy and pushed down a tiny bit, just enough to cut down the fat in between my hands and the baby. Now I have never seen Saturday Night Fever, but I have seen clips and heard many stories about how John Travolta rocks the disco dance floor. I do believe that my unborn has seen this and was trying out some moves from this movie in my uterus. I was positive that this was the baby and couldn't help but giggle and smile through the rest of my bath! What a weird feeling, it felt like someone was trying to push through a balloon with a fist...only the balloon was my body and the fist was my child. It was amazing and I cannot wait until I can feel that without needing to push through the forest of fat on my tummy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boy or Girl, that is the question!

Okay so I realize that I have 5 more weeks until I find out what we are having. However, with that in mind, I thought it might be fun to find out what y'all think I am having. Now I know what my parents want/think and my husband wants/thinks, but what do *you* think? Leave me a comment stating if you think I am having a boy or a girl and we will see what everyone says and who is right!


Boy- Leigh, Mom, Dad, Kelli (I think as well)

Girl- Renee, Traci (I think! LOL), Jon

Dinosaur- Monica (LOL)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change Can Happen

I couldn't help but tear up last night while listing to my next President Barack Obama. Through out the past 22 months of campaigning I have sought out as much information as my limited brain can handle. In doing so I have grown and really found out who I am and what I stand for. I stand for rights and honor for all people! President Obama stands for those things as well. He represents those of us who have fallen on hard times and those of us who have found the strength to climb up and find a way out. He has been through his own downfalls and disappointments in his life. His mother working two jobs while on food stamps to allow him to get a good education. Not knowing his farther well and still having the family to help him become an amazing man, husband and father.

He sets a wonderful example for us that this life is worth living and worth fighting for. That life can change with a blink of an eye. He stands for equality and shows that you truly can be anything you set your mind to being. He sees that this country is in great agony and knows we need to do something about it now. He represents us 80% middle to lower class citizens who for a long time have been forgotten. Not raising our taxes to ensure that we can contribute to our failing economy. Ensuring that if you work for a large corporation benefits will be provided. He believes that woman have the right to choose. Whatever you choose is your choice and it won't be taken away from you.

Thank you America for making a change happen. You made a huge stamp in the history of the United States. Many people who have died in the past for a cause are singing their praises right now. I feel proud to be an American right now and hope others who don't see it that way will soon realize that Barack Obama was just what our country needed at this time in our history.