Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boy or Girl, that is the question!

Okay so I realize that I have 5 more weeks until I find out what we are having. However, with that in mind, I thought it might be fun to find out what y'all think I am having. Now I know what my parents want/think and my husband wants/thinks, but what do *you* think? Leave me a comment stating if you think I am having a boy or a girl and we will see what everyone says and who is right!


Boy- Leigh, Mom, Dad, Kelli (I think as well)

Girl- Renee, Traci (I think! LOL), Jon

Dinosaur- Monica (LOL)

5 loving comments, who likes comments?:

Renee' Pendergrass said...

Girl I think?

Monica said...

You're having a dinosaur.

Andrews Family said...

OK, my vote is BOY!!! Of course a girl would be great as well, but they are a little too dramatic for me!! I am totally a boy mom. LOL! My little guy is so laid back and fun....with the girls its all about sass and attitude...I dread the teenage years! :)

spaceyhawks said...

I'm gonna go with dinosaurs for $200 Alex. HAHA!!! I love it! HHHMMMM I hope you have a boy, but I think you might have a girl. So my final answer is....twins...oh wait just kidding you know it's already just one...I give up what was the question again?

Kelli said...

Boy! A mini Jon would be so cute, but then I love you and think you are adorable, so a girl would be great Zoe is so cute too. Hmmm...I don't know. If you have a boy though he can play with Ian and Levi :D

Plus, boys are easier...way less drama. But girl clothes are so much more fun to buy. Why couldn't you have twins...gosh Nicole! Way to make things difficult! ;)