Thursday, November 26, 2009

Plus Or Minus, That Is The Question?

Sunday, November 22nd, I sit eating cucumbers with Jon. I go into the bathroom and realize I am very sick and really need to throw up. (pretty picture eh?) Now this wasn't just any sickness, I knew exactly what it was. So the next morning, I bought the "test". It is true, it is a plus....

I am pregnant, again.

Yes my daughter is 7 months old, yes they will only be 15 months apart. Yes I am stressed and worried. But at least this time I can have the c-section and have the doctor tie my tubes all up, so this never happens again. I have personal reservations about all this due to Rya's disability, but nothing that I won't be able to confront head on when the time comes.

I am hoping with everything that it is a boy. would be nice to finish off our family that way. We have picked out names already, Ace for a boy and Avi for a girl. Zoe will chose the middle name for the baby. I am 6 weeks today, Turkey Day. Due July 22nd, which means I will probably have him/her at the beginning of July. Based on Rya's birth experience.

Well that about says it all for now. Hope everyone else is doing well!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Life Changing Days

“Well I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that your daughter has cerebral palsy, the good news is that we found out early and can start therapy right away” said the neurologist. This might sound like the beginning to an interesting book. However sadly this isn’t a book, it is the beginning of my new life. Some time ago I had noticed a few things about my daughter, Rya-Jo. I mentioned these few things to her doctor, such as not using her left side as much as she uses her right side. Dr. BrokenLeg, (yes this is in fact her real name) decides that we should get an MRI of Rya’s brain. Deciding on whether or not to get the MRI was the first obstacle we had to face with a great deal more to come.
On the day of the MRI we drove to the Children’s Hospital in mostly silence. We knew there were great risks for the sedation but we also knew it was best to find out if there was a problem as soon as we could. The part that seemed to last forever was the crying from getting the IV. Never in my life have I ever wanted to hear my baby cry like that and never do I want to hear it again. We had to wrap her little arms with a sheet so she couldn’t push the nurse away. The screaming pierced my heart, and I couldn’t help but lets a few tears roll down my face. She continued to cry when I was carrying her to the MRI room, soon after they injected the anesthesia. Her crying began to fade and soon it was merely whimpers coming from her mouth. The nurse took my daughter from me and placed her on a giant table where they began prepping her for the MRI. I couldn’t watch much more and walked away after asking how long it would be.
Around 30 minutes later we walked back into the MRI room where Rya was sleeping peacefully on a hospital bed. She slept for almost 2 hours soundly and I never wanted to leave her side. When she woke up she was obviously confused and starving. Soon after she woke and had something to eat we were sent home. I had an appointment with the doctor on that Thursday to discuss the results of the MRI. Later that evening, however, the phone rang, it was Rya’s doctor. She explained that she had received the results and my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t help but tell myself that she was going to be just fine since doctors never call with bad news.
I couldn’t be more mistaken.
She told me that Rya had a brain infarction, dead brain tissue. I was so confused and was not sure what questions to ask or how to even figure out how to tell Jon. I listened to the doctor and found myself asking all sorts of questions without realizing I was even talking. I hung up the phone and explained to Jon online what the doctor had told me. Immediately we started to look up as much information as we could to find out exactly what we might be dealing with. We had an appointment with a neurologist on the 14th and then a pediatric neurology specialist on October 20th.
Our suspicions were confirmed at the neurology appointment. Our amazing little miracle had a disease called cerebral palsy. My heart sunk thinking of a few people I had come across in my life that had this disease. I only knew of people in wheelchairs and people who couldn’t speak. As the neurologist went on she explained that there are people out there totally functional and have no idea they have CP. All I could do is hope that this would end up being the story for us. The neurologist was very happy to see that we had already had Rya in Physical Therapy, working on Occupational Therapy and had an Opthamology appointment already set up for her. As happy as she was, she had just thrown a blow to my heart that I am still not sure I will ever recover from.
I have tried and tried and tried to keep my spirits up because we are doing so much to help my little girl. She is showing great signs everyday that she is rewiring her brain, but with 38% of her brain missing one can never know. I find myself sick at nights, thinking of the same old, “Why me” issue. Our little family has dealt with so many life changing events, why another one? Why one that would affect my daughter? Was there any way to take her disease away and give it to me? Would I ever hear the words “Mom”, “I love you”, “I have a date”, “I am getting married” or “You are going to be a grandma”. I do realize that the possibilities of these words crossing her lips are there. But I also realize that there is a possibility they won’t either.
For now, all I can do is work, hard hard work. Make sure to give my daughter all the opportunities in life to have a normal childhood. And if it doesn’t work and she is wheelchair bound and can’t speak, I will know that her father and I have done all we can. All we can do now is just love her as much as we have always loved her and will always love her.
So please for us, place Rya in your prayers or thoughts once in a while. Pray that she will be strong, that she will be healthy, but most of all, that she will be happy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Professional Pictures

A close friend of my family is a photographer, as her baby gift she took some pictures of my little woman! She did such an amazing job, I absolutely love them!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rya-Jo Kay Campbell made her arrival!!

(This is a long one)

Rya-Jo Kay Campbell made her debut on April 18th, at 6:39am. Not exactly the date or way we all expected her to come, but she is here none the less. Tuesday the 14th I went to the doctor to have a stress test done on the little one. She had not moved much and I was beginning to worry. The test results were fine and doctor sent me home to just relax and keep track of kick counts. That Thursday was my regular 37 week appointment, and I was asked about her kicking again. Which again she was rather quiet. The doctor did an ultrasound and then another stress test. He noticed that her heart rate dropped several times during this test and that concerned him, as well as my high blood pressure.

So he said he was going to send me home to be on complete bed rest as well as watching my blood pressure. But before I left he wanted to check to see if I was dilated at all. When he entered the room to check me he told me that he had spoken to a specialist who said it would be best for me to be in Labor and Delivery at the hospital to do a 24 hour monitor on Rya. He then checked me, and told me I was dilated to a 2. So Zoe, Jon and myself headed to the hospital after a quick stop at home, to start what I thought was going my 24 hour stay.

Over the 24 hour period there were some drops again in her heart rate. And Friday night at 8pm the doctor decided it would be better to induce my labor. I finally got an epidural after some time and that was by far the weirdest feeling I have ever had. I couldn't move my legs at all! It was funny, yet at the same time didn't feel good either. After 8 hours of trying to sleep on my left side and hoping I would progress, no progress. So at 5 something AM my doctor decided it was time to go in and get her out. I was shaking uncontrollably on the way into the operating room and in there as well. My mind was racing, was I really ready for all this? Was this going to hurt, can I stop them and keep trying?

The second Jon walked into the room and made eye contact with me I felt completely at ease. I knew everything was going to be just fine. After a lot of pressure and pushing and weird weird feelings, I saw them move my little baby girl to the warmer table. Jon started to take a lot of pictures and they announced her weight and length. She weighed in at 4lbs and 10oz...17.5 inches long. She is/was TINY! One ounce smaller than her Aunt Ashley. She ended up having the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and was also trying to come out face first.

She ended up having some eating issues, temp issues as well as breathing issues. She spent a week in the Special Care Nursery at the hospital. After eating wonderfully and able to maintain her temp, she was sent home on oxygen. She will be looked at on Friday to see if we can remove her oxygen tank or not. I think there is a really big possibility that she will not have to go any longer because from the moment we walked in the front door she has maintained her oxygen levels so well.

So all in all, she is amazing. I don't think I could be more in love with someone than I am with her. As hard as the pregnancy, emotions, labor and delivery were I wouldn't change it for the world. Except for maybe have her totally healthy when she came into the world.

Here are some more pictures, please enjoy! I certainly do!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spokane Baby Shower

On Saturday the 28th of March my mom and other family members threw me a wonderful amazing baby shower in Spokane, Washington. Traci, her son Ian, Garrett and myself drove up there for a trip and shower. Mom had invited a lot of people and a good majority of those people showed. It was really nice to so see so many people that I have not seen in years. Especially a friend of mine that I have not seen in almost 21 years! Everyone was so wonderful and really got me some wonderful things. Rya-Jo will be the best dressed little girl in town for a long long time.

The rest of the weekend was spent just spending time with my family. Playing card games and going to places to eat that I have not been in a long time. It was great to spend time with my mom and just relax, eat some of her wonderful food as well.

When we came back I had my 35 week appointment. Everything sounds wonderful and looks great. I actually had lost a half a pound since my last appointment. Which I found hard to believe considering the amount of food I consumed in Spokane. We also found out that I am really anemic and needed to start taking more iron pills, which don't sit well in my tummy. Thursday the 16th I have my 37 week appointment, at that time I will be doing everything in my power to get this little one out! I am just tired and in a lot of pain most of the time. So I will be talking with my doctor to see if he thinks she will be okay to come out and then Jon and I will get to working! :) YAY She is so close to being here, send healthy baby vibes my way please!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

32 Weeks

The top of your uterus can now be measured about 5 inches above your belly button. Because the top of your uterus is so high, you may begin to have trouble breathing or feel short of breath. This is due to the pressure that your growing uterus is placing on your diaphragm. This same pressure may also cause an increased amount of heartburn.

Most likely you are gaining about a pound per week. Your blood volume has increased by 40% to 50% during the past 32 weeks. This allows your body to accommodate both you and your baby. This increased volume is also important because it makes up for the amount of blood you will lose during delivery.

How big is your baby?
Your baby is a little over 16 inches long and weighs between 4 and 4 ½ pounds.

What is happening with your baby?
Your baby is continuing to grow. Her toenails and fingernails have formed. The lungs are continuing to mature but will not reach full maturity for several more weeks. Your baby’s skeleton has completely formed, but her bones are very soft and pliable.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting To Know You!

1.What is your occupation right now? House wife, wife, step-mom and work for a bridal shop. But my most my most important job right now carrying my daughter until she is ready to greet the world. (I can't wait!)

2.What color are your socks right now? I am pretty boring, white socks.

3.What are you listening to right now? CNN Headline News and Jon playing Battlefield on his computer next to me. Oh and the fish tank...I love that sound.

4.What was the last thing that you ate? I made homemade lasagna for Valentine's Day dinner and had some left overs with bread and Cesar Salad. MMMMMHHHHH GOOD!

5.Can you drive a stick shift? I can, but you don't want me to.

6.Last person you spoke to on the phone? My mom yesterday, and hopefully she will call me today.

7.Do you like the person who sent this to you? Well I love the person who's blog I read it on.

8.How old are you today? 27 years young and getting younger! YAY

9.What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? Football all the way and UFC!

10.What is your favorite drink? Water lately and Koolaid.

11.Have you ever dyed your hair? More times than I can remember, but it has been a long long time. You should ask my cousin Traci this would be entertained.

12.Favorite food? Food in general, but I love sushi and steak.

13.What is the last movie you watched? Last night we watched 13 Going On 30 as a family, I love that movie.

14.Favorite day of the year? I don't know, soon to be my daughter's birthday though!

15.How do you vent anger? Depends on who I am angry at. If I am angry at a person I know well or know, then I talk to them. Otherwise I usually get mad and then stomp around and then go to sleep.

16.What was your favorite toy as a child? My Pound Puppy that I still have. He is nasty, but I love him.

17.What is your favorite season? Spring and Fall, not cold or hot.

18.Cherries or Blueberries? I love Cherries, but love most berries as well.

19.Do you want your friends to e-mail you back? Well I am posting it on my blog, so I hope others will post it as well.

20.Who is the most likely to respond? Traci and that is pretty much all, maybe Kelli. I am a loser I know, nobody loves me. :)

21.Who is least likely to respond? Everyone else. :)

22.Living arrangements? I live in a Townhouse in Orem, UT with my husband, my step-daughter on days she is here. My cousin Garrett who is planning on going on a mission soon and then, one dog, cat and 17 fish. (yeah...17 fish) I love my place, it is a three story house and we have great neighbors and just a great nice place to live.

23.When was the last time you cried? Wow, I am pregnant. So I cry all the time now days. Well not all the time, but more often than I used to.

24.What's on the floor of your closet? Laundry hamper's and a big back pack.

25.Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending to? LOL, same as Mary just put, but she already filled it out. So maybe Kelli or Traci then.

26.What did you do last night? I made dinner for my husband and Zoe for Valentines and then cleaned (lucky me) and then watched the movie. Then after Zoe went to bed we watched a new show we found, great fun! We are boring I know.

27.What are you most afraid of? Falling to my death...otherwise, not much more.

28.Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers? I am all about plain with lettuce and tomatoes and pickles and red onions.

29.Favorite dog breed? There is one dog I saw a long time ago, it was a HUGE white and brown dog. I am not sure what it was, but I loved it. Otherwise a Golden Retriever, since that is what Molly is.

30.Favorite day of the week? Any day, because I love hanging out with my family.

31.How many states have you lived in? 2 states I believe, Washington and Utah.

32.Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds *and* pearls.

33.What is your favorite flower? Calla Lily (So pretty!!)

Friday, January 30, 2009

You know you are pregnant when....

1. The bathroom becomes your bed away from bed.
2. Getting out of a cozy couch is a whole new ball game!
3. Your trip to the grocery stores for shrimp turns into a trip for doughnuts, cupcakes, french bread, juice, candy and any other thing you can find on your way to the register.
4. Naps are now a regular in your daily life.
5. When something sounds so tasty...then you eat it....not anymore.
6. When a "Snuggle" commercial warms your heart to the point of tears.
7. Your memory has just lost everything you had learned in the past 27 years of your life.
8. You feel like you ran a marathon the day before, when actually you didn't do anything.
9. Your tummy suddenly looks like an alien has taken over your body and feels like it too.
10. You are counting down the days until you experience the most pain you have ever felt in your life...and you are excited about it.
11. It is the end of January and you are still sleeping with no PJ bottoms, no covers, window open and a fan on. Yet you still seem to not be cool enough!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Almost 6 months! WHOA!

Okay so I finally got up the courage to post a picture of my not so growing belly. Anyone that comments or laughs about the stretch marks will be hunted down and killed. And, yes I can hear the giggles even from my house to yours....
Also, Rya's Grandmother went a little crazy with buying clothing and stuff. So here is a picture of those!