Thursday, November 26, 2009

Plus Or Minus, That Is The Question?

Sunday, November 22nd, I sit eating cucumbers with Jon. I go into the bathroom and realize I am very sick and really need to throw up. (pretty picture eh?) Now this wasn't just any sickness, I knew exactly what it was. So the next morning, I bought the "test". It is true, it is a plus....

I am pregnant, again.

Yes my daughter is 7 months old, yes they will only be 15 months apart. Yes I am stressed and worried. But at least this time I can have the c-section and have the doctor tie my tubes all up, so this never happens again. I have personal reservations about all this due to Rya's disability, but nothing that I won't be able to confront head on when the time comes.

I am hoping with everything that it is a boy. would be nice to finish off our family that way. We have picked out names already, Ace for a boy and Avi for a girl. Zoe will chose the middle name for the baby. I am 6 weeks today, Turkey Day. Due July 22nd, which means I will probably have him/her at the beginning of July. Based on Rya's birth experience.

Well that about says it all for now. Hope everyone else is doing well!

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Andrews Family said...

Congrats! Zoe and Rya will love having another sibling. :) Good luck with the morning sickness.

Torrie said...

Congratulations! More love and blessings!