Friday, January 22, 2010

The Chaotic Life of a Mother

I have been reading my husbands blog for a while now and am impressed by his diligence in posts. Me on the other hand spend most of my time going crazy. My life is so busy and filled with stress I never seem to get a moment alone.

A large amount of "things" have happened since my last post and thought I might update those of you that actually do read this. (So not many, lol) First Rya is now 9 months old and weighs in at a whole 15 pounds. Needless to say she is a small one. And prior to her appointment she was crying non stop. And not just any crying, screaming like she was in horrible pain crying. So we waited it out, thinking it was teething for a few days until her appointment. Come to find out the poor thing had an ear infection. So we got her going on some antibiotics and within a day she was back to her old smiling self again.

Rya also had her neurology appointment that we go to every three months or so until she is a year old. (Which is her next appointment, YIKES!) She had been doing this weird lurching thing and we were not sure what on earth it could be. All in all her neurologist said she looked great and was progressing about 3-4 months behind. Which is where she thought she would be for her disability. But she was very concerned about the lurching and ordered an EEG be done right away. If she has a condition called Infantile Spasms then we needed to start her on a steroid right away. Only down side is the ACHT steroid costs $40,000 for one round of treatment. So we were crossing our fingers and praying she didn't have this.

We went home hopeful and not hopeful at the same time. But the neurologist finally called and answered our prayers. She is clear of infantile spasms but has a tendency for seizures. We start her on seizure medicine and as long as she doesn't have a seizure in two years and has a clear EEG she can get off of those. But if ever she has a seizure then the two year clock starts again.

As for me, I started physical therapy for some huge horrible knots in my back. I have to have a deep tissue massage twice a week. Normally a massage would be a wonderful thing. Not this, they are not there to make you relaxed. They are there to work the crap out of you. But I figure as long as it fixes my back, I don't mind.

I also had my 14 week appointment on Thursday. The doctor couldn't find the heartbeat with the dopler so we decided to find it on the video. There the little chili bean was, just growing away. He/She just had a quiet heartbeat. The baby looked good and we can potentially find out what we are having on the 18th of Feb. Cross your fingers!!!!

Well that is a short version of what has been going on in our lives. Busy busy busy!!!!