Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Early Valentine's Day Surprise!

Monday evening Jon asked what we were doing for dinner. At that time I had not thawed anything since we just recently got home from the grocery store. So I offered a few less than savory ideas, not on purpose though. Grilled cheese, sandwiches that kind of general stuff. At this time Jon told me to get dressed and he started making calls. Now, to whom I am unsure of at this point in time. After a few minutes of doing make-up and that kind of stuff, he then excused himself for an errand. At this point I was a little nervous about the errand he apparently had to run. Jon peeks his head in through our front door and asks me to remove myself from the front room. So as I am sitting on the toilet, (not going to the bathroom by the way) again he peeks his head in and asks if I am ready. The doors opens and there are two dozen roses sitting there on the table. In the form that you see them on! It was sooooo pretty, and amazing. So all dolled up and apparently somewhere to go we got into our car and headed out. We ended up in SLC at my favorite place ever, Spencer's Steak and Chops at the Hilton hotel. We had an amazing dinner and great company! It was a wonderful wonderful surprise!
I have a wonderful husband and a great friend in him as well! :) Happy V day everyone!!!!

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The Lone Tree said...

they are very pretty...I love them...What a nice Hubby!!