Sunday, March 02, 2008

Barbie Dolls and Wedding Dresses!!!!!!!

A while back I went to Allyse's Bridal with Traci for her wedding dress. It was really busy that day and the woman helping us had a few ladies to help also. So I sort of took over and helped Traci with the dress and the corset, jewelry and veil. The woman thanked me for helping and jokingly offered me a job. Now a few months later I went to a friends baby shower and she was there also. We talked for a few minutes and again she sort of jokingly offered me a job.

So I applied there this past month and went in for an interview on Saturday. The same person I have spoken to the last two times was the same person who interviewed me. We talked and after everything I said she clapped and cheered. Which I obviously took for a good sign. She kept telling me that she was excited and everything I said was exactly what she wanted to hear. So as I left she said that she was excited to have talked to me and that she would call me on Monday. Well Saturday night I got a phone call from her. She informed me that she was at home and was too excited to wait until Monday to call me. She offered me the job and said that she was very much looking forward to having me on her team.

So my new job is dressing up woman all day long in wedding dresses. What job could be better for me than that! So if you happen to be getting married any time soon and still need a dress, call me! Come see me!!! :) YAY!

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