Monday, March 03, 2008

Our little household...

I was thinking it was time for a little Campbell House update or something along those lines. Right now Jon and I are still living in Orem, Utah. We still have Zoe on Wednesdays and every other weekend. Luckily we get along great with Jon's ex-wife and if we have something planned another night we can call her up and have Zoe for the evening.

Zoe is in third grade and is loving it a lot! She is in the Chess club on Wednesday mornings, yes ladies and gents...the chess club at 8 years old. She takes after her dad a lot her mom and I joke! She has a lot of friends and one particular friend we are trying to ween her off of. A boy at her school that she spends a lot of time with at lunch and recess. We don't want to make *that* big of a deal of it, but we are working on pushing her to spend time with girls more. She just finished basketball and is looking to sign up for guitar lessons soon. This coming weekend she is going to her cousins baptism in Wyoming. Her Grandmother is giving her the hamster she has in the children's library she works at. She couldn't be more excited of course!

Jon is currently still working in the IT department at Maverick. He is enjoying the fact that he doesn't have a lot of responsibility right now. And working from home is also a big plus for him since he has treatment Monday, Wednesday and Fridays now. He also was told he might be approved for a new clinical trial coming up. Apparently this strain of rabies goes directly to the brain and attacks the tumors. So he is waiting to hear about that and hopefully will start that soon. He is also speaking to Franklin Covey again, they have not hired for his old position. So his old boss really would like him to come back. He is thinking of doing both jobs, since he can work from home. He is still working on our contract negotiations for our client in DC. Hopefully we can get that up and running in June or July. He still isn't sure if he will remain at either company after the contract starts. Otherwise he is enjoying Rock Band at home on the XBox360 and spending time with Zoe and I.

Me, well me... I got the job at the bridal salon and today was my first day. I loved every minute of it. The only down side is not used to being on my feet all day long. I am sure it will take some time, but I will get into the groove soon. I helped a lot of people today and some of the employees asked me if I had been working there for a long time. When I explained that today was my first day they said they were shocked because I looked like I knew everything that was going on. That was really nice and made my day even better. I do miss being at home already, but enjoy having a life outside my front door. I have been looking and planning trips for this summer to Paris and Switzerland. Hopefully our contract doesn't take too long to nail down and we can head out. I still am enjoying being a mom to a deaf cat, although he doesn't seem to understand what it means when we squirt water at him while he is attacking the fish tank. I was sure after a year or so he would get it, but nope. I guess instinct is thicker than water...or something. I am also spending a lot of time working on getting into shape. I have lost a total of 12 pounds so far and I feel pretty good. I have 43 pounds left to go for my goal weight. I have a blog for that too if you feel like checking up on me. Just click on my profile and you will see my "Fatty to Fabulous" blog.

All in all our life here is good old Orem is great. It will be that much better when we get our house built in Springville so we can be that much closer to Zoe. I hope this post finds everyone else in great spirits!!!

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Heather said...

Shane totally remembered you, and says Hi, but I am not sure that I have ever met you. I have met your Dad a few times, as they are in the same ward as Shane's parents. Thanks for reading my blog; you have to take everything I say as tongue in cheek. I tend to joke about everything. Especially motherhood. It really is the most rewarding experience. Right? At least I keep telling myself that! Hahahaha Congrats on the new job!!! Have fun with it!

spaceyhawks said...

wow thanks for the Christmas card, does it come with pictures too???? HAHA!!! Just messin! I'm so stoked for you about your job, welcome back to the working world...haha, it sucks! I can't wait til I can stay home with my kids, I'm getting to old for this crap, haha! Okay who am I kidding. We all know that I will be out the door as soon as I can once I have the kids. Either way I am so stoked for you and the job and the weightloss. Did I mention the job? I don't think I mentioned that I am excited for you about your job! ;-) Love ya!