Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trileptal Side Effects

One of the side effects that Dr. Bennedict, (her neurologist) informed us about was a change in Rya's mood with her seizure medicine. She might become slightly more crabby over time. At first I thought nothing of this because Rya's disposition is always so happy. Well the time has come where I think the medicine and teething are taking a large toll on her attitude.

Don't get me wrong, she is still a happy girl and smiles at almost everyone she sees. However things like bath time, which used to be a wonderful time to relax, has now turned into a hurry up and get her clean and out before she has a melt down. I can't say for sure it is the medicine, or a combination of teething and the medicine. All I know is it is getting more frustrating on a daily basis with her. I am sure someone would come over and see her and think maybe I am blowing this way out of proportion. I am sure compared to children her age she is a wonderful little girl. But I am so used to hardly ever crying and always smiling. It is just kind of running me down lately and it doesn't help that I am feeling more and more fat these days.

Gaining 7lbs in a months time isn't exactly a point of pride....but alas it is what happened. I just wish/hope it won't get out of hand. But the bad part is my hunger seems to be getting more and more out of my control. Oh well....I guess there isn't really a whole lot I can do except give the little baby what he/she wants for the time being and pray it won't go straight to my hips. (too late)

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Monica said...

I say spank her!

Felecia Moeaki said...

I have you beat. I gained 11lbs in a month. Losing weight is so hard for a baby...I am sure you do better with it then me. Good luck with your little girl. I hope she gets better over time with it.