Friday, February 19, 2010

Blood work and rehab

I asked my OB to request for my blood to be tested for the same mutations that Rya has, Factor V-Liden and MTHFR. I went to the hospital and had my blood drawn and was told it would be a couple days. Which I found to be odd because when Rya was tested it took two weeks. Come to find out it was going to take a little longer than the person originally thought. Anyway, all in all I tested negative for Factor V and positive for MTHFR. I am not super sure what this means, but we will try to get into a hematologist to see what they tell me. I am guessing it means the same ask it does for Rya. It isn't something to stress over until it is time to take birth control. But we will see.

Rya also had her first Rehab appointment. I think a lot of people equate rehab with physical therapy or drugs. In this case it is neither. It is actually medical doctors who use things such as Botox injections or orthodics to correct or help improve lives of people living with disabilities. Right now we have a list of things for Rya that we are doing. She is getting a certain type of shoe/brace for her ankle to help straighten it out. She also is getting some special tape to help with this issue as well. And she is getting a splint for her right hand so that she has to focus more on her left hand while playing. Lets all cross our fingers for this. I am not excited however....I don't like listening to her cry.

On a side small note, she got her new glasses and seems to be adjusting okay. She has her moments of attempting to rip them from her face and eat them. But for the most part she doesn't seem to mind them too much.

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Monica said...

I still think you should have gotten some fat obnoxious glasses for her. :D