Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wow, I love my job!

Okay say you all know, well most of you, that I am a bridal consultant at a local bridal shop here. Honestly this is the best job in the whole wide world for me! My husband tells me if there is ever a job that was made for a person it is this job for myself. I get to dress brides all day long and give them wedding ideas, do veils and tiaras.

So every month we have 4 levels set for us with our commissions. You can earn 1.5-3% of everything you sell. You automatically get 1% of every sale you make, but depending on how much you sell in a month you can get higher. Every month it is different, for May the 3% commission break was set at $13,500. So if you sold that or higher you received 3% of your sales. This month as of this morning I had the highest sales at $16,632 dollars!!! YIPEE, this is a slow month also. I was so excited you guys and love my job so much.

I love the girls I work with and the people I get to help. Even though there are all girls that work there, it isn't drama like you would expect. So all I can say is that I love my job and couldn't ask for more!

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Shauna said...

Hey Nicole! It was fun to read through your blogs. Thanks for finding us and saying hi. I'm glad you love your job as a bridal consultant. It reminds me of "27 Dresses." How's Utah treating you? That ammonia/bleach story was scary about your hubby! And what is the tumor you referred to? My email address is

Renee' said...

Good for you! What a fun way to make a living!!