Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bleach and ammonia are a bad mix???!!?? Who would have thought that!!

This last week has been an interesting one at that and it is only Wednesday. Monday morning I woke up and headed to work at around noon. Jon informed me that he was going to clean his bathroom in the office/guest room. The day was slow and it was odd because I had a really bad feeling for the time I was at work. Around 2:15pm, I heard my name over the intercom at work telling me I had a phone call. I left my bride and by the time I got to the phone the caller had hung up. The receptionist looked at caller ID and told me the number, which was Jon's. She said that he didn't sound so good over the phone. At this time I headed to the break room to call Jon and see if he needed me to come home. After two calls and no answer I told my boss I had to go and would be back after I checked on him.

I found Jon in the office/guest room bathroom passed out over the bathtub. The door was shut and the window was open in the guest room. It smelled of cleaned solution very badly and Jon was not responding. He was sweating all from head to toe and I tried to wake him up. Now I was not as worried as I did get eventually because I am used to him passing out with his tumor. So I got him to respond to me for a brief second and he said in a very very raspy voice that his lungs and throat were burning. Most of the time if I think he is really hurt and I tell him I am going to take him to the doctor he says no and that he is fine. This time I told him I was going to call 911 and he didn't argue. A little bit after calling them the police showed up and seconds later Jeremy Foutch and his uncle Mike showed up. Again shortly after that the paramedic and fire department showed up and helped Jon to get some oxygen and into the ambulance. For me that part was most difficult because I am used to taking care of him myself and was unsure of what to do at that moment in time.

Well we spent a few hours at the hospital with breathing treatments and eye drops and pain meds and finally was released later that night. Jon burned his lungs and throat with the mixture of ammonia and bleach. He didn't know that Windex has ammonia in it, so we all know now what not to mix. He is doing much better now, but still has a burning feeling and still cannot talk for the most part. But he will get better with time and now is not allowed to clean the bathrooms!!!

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Anonymous said...

Traci told me a little bit about what happened. That is so scary!!!
I'm glad he's ok.
Don't let the word get out though, I think if Heston hears he may set out the windex and the clorox clean up and pretend that his lungs hurt just so that he's not allowed to clean bathrooms!
;-) But really, tell that husband of yours to be careful!

Maegan said...

scary stuff! I am glad he was able to call you and that you were alerted to go check on him. Even if you couldn't give him oxygen or lift him up, you were there to call the paramedics and in that way you saved him!

Jandre said...

Oh My Gosh!!!! HOw scary! I remember them doing an episode about that on "Who's the Boss" and Tony passed out from it. I'm glad Jon's ok!

Renee' said...

That is so scary! Sorry I haven't been to your blog. I thought I added you, but I guess I hadn't yet. I have you on my blog now though. So, he passed out just from the smell? Ammonia is not stuff you want to mess with. That's the stuff that "Dave's" mom, in the book "A Child Called It" would torture him with. So sorry. Is he doing better now? How are you? What is your family business. Sorry, I'm a little behind.