Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Can I get a "Wife's Day"??!!??

Mother's Day is a wonderful holiday for all of you lovely mothers out there. You get "rewarded" for all that you do and all that you will do for the upcoming year. Including those future mothers have this comfort in knowing the next year's mothers day will be a wonderful occasion. Flowers, cards, dinner and a wonderful array of thank yous.

But then there are those few of us who either don't want children or can't have children. Now granted those few that choose not to have children are choosing not to have a "Mother's Day". I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, I can't have children, therefore don't want children. I am sure if given the option I would have a child...but obviously for reasons other than the joy of Mother's Day. However when you are stuck like me, what happy day do we get?

What about hard working Wife's Day? My life is fun and I love every second of it. However I have a stressful life on a daily basis and every day wake up wondering if this might be the day I wind up single again. So can I have a day, a day of rest and relaxation. A day where I get a present that says, "You work hard, you are loved and deserve to be pampered a bit". Being a Step-mother isn't even remotely close to being an actual mother. Presents and cards and thank yous just don't happen, no matter what you do.

I guess I am just complaining, and that is okay right? I just wish there was a day to celebrate and show me a little appreciation for doing the things I do. Even though I am not a mother I am still a hard working wife.

(O.K. stepping down for my soap box now.)

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The Lone Tree said...

just so you know Nicole Mothers day is sooooooo overated. I actually do not like the practice of mothers day. A mom or wife should totally get more then one day a year to get honored and recieve a relaxing day. So in my mind I am not playing up mothers day then anything more then an extra day for my kids to get really crafty and tell me they love me. Oh and I feel the same way abotu fathers day and birthdays. Its sad that we are all reduced to one day a year appreciation.

So to you I say take Mothers day for yourself. Make it a day for you to relax and get gifts. I doubt there would be a mom out there that would be upset about that.

off my soap box now :)