Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First, I want to thank all the little people that helped make this happen....

So many of my friends and family have these little blog things. So as with myspace, it was only a matter of time until I started my own little land of blogging paradise. I guess I am never sure as to what people have to blog about, I mean *that* much can't be happening in everyone's life on a daily basis, right? Then I start to read everyones blogs, and I was happily surprised. It isn't only me that has a non-daily-eventful day! It seems people just write in there on holidays, when something exciting or significant happens, or when they feel like venting. And dang it, I am pretty sure I can keep up with that!

Christmas and New Years came without much of anything. No crazy, life changing experiences. Honestly in a way I am glad, but also sad that I had nothing nutty to send off 2007 with. Now Jon and I had the option to go to New York to celebrate the 2008 coming. However if you know Jon and I at all, you know that it is difficult to get us to Salt Lake City let alone New York. So we backed out and decided to spend the time at a friends in Orem. It was a lot of fun to spend time with people I have not seen in way too long. We brought in the New Year with Rock Band and Margaritas. At midnight I had my kiss and headed home, exciting huh? But wait the best part is about to come! The next day was spent putting away Christmas decor and cleaning! Yipee!!! I know you are all so jealous and I am sorry your life isn't as exciting as mine, maybe someday.

Alright, well that was my first of what I hope is many attempts at blogging. If you didn't enjoy it, then I am so sorry. I will try harder next time...or something.
Here is a little picture of me and a Bentley I saw at a Airport Parking Lot. Bet you don't have any clue it isn't mine huh?

And I wonder why Trya didn't want me
for America's Next Top Model!

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spaceyhawks said...

Congratulations on your first blog!! Oh yeah and Tyra didn't want you because you weren't in your Couture gown posing by the car. DUH! Maybe next season. ;-)