Sunday, January 20, 2008

Attention Wal Mart customers!

Today is Sunday, and that is when Jon and I do a lot of our shopping for groceries. Usually the stores are not as crowded and we like all the room we have. Today, however, Jon said he wanted to go to Wal Mart. Jon needed to purchase some new clippers and he figured this would be the best place to go. I myself knew better, but went a long with the idea anyway.

The isles at Wal Mart were packed with yelling kids and stressed out parents. They were not, however filled with food and a large selection. It looked like some store going out of business and their final sale was today. Walking around we saw so many amazing sights, really well groomed mullets, families with no less than 3 carts filled with junk food. So many wonderful treasures for the eyes! But we were most amused by the wonderful experience that awaited us at the check out line.

In front of us in line there was a woman and two kids. She has two different loads, one she was paying for and one that was paid for by WIC. She was obviously frustrated, but by what we were unsure of yet. Then down the isle came a man, whom I can only assume was her husband. She yelled out to him to go and get another gallon of milk for the WIC order. Everything seemed normal, but maybe she was a bit annoyed at life in general. Then the situation was drastically escalated within seconds!

Her husband came down the isle again with the gallon of milk, obviously in a hurry. And here is the conversation that occurred....

Woman: "Where is my card?"
Man: "I gave it back to you last night."
Woman: "No you didn't! Where is it?"
Man: "I gave it back to you last night!"
Woman: "No you f!@#$%g didn't! Give me my card!"(Her kids standing right next to her)
Man: "I put it on your wallet last night when I got home."
Woman: "No you f@#$&*$g didn't! Because you are a stupid mother f$#@!r and irresponsible I had to use this card." (as she shoves the card in his face)

A few seconds pass and the cashier informs her that the milk she chose is not correct for the WIC program. The lady turns to her husband...

Woman: "Go get the (such and such) milk. Hurry up, be quick and don't f#$k around with my time."

The man runs off and the lady decides that the children are now in some need some colorful language.

Woman: "Don't touch that s#@t! And stop f$%#$*^g with your brother."

The young boys look at me and give me a very evil smile. And in my mind I know exactly what kind of life these two little boys are leading. Right then the husband comes back with the correct milk and they pay and are on their way. I was floored that a woman spoke to her husband in that way, either in public or private. Have some respect for your spouse, children and the people around you! Anyway, had to share this with those of you reading my blog. Jon says he is still stressed over that lovely experience.

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Kelli said...

Man, Walmart makes for some unbelievable stories...seriously! It truly is the trash of humanity fest. I feel bad for those kids. If those parents had any clue as to what they are producing...sad.

Did I tell you about the time I was pushing my cart into the line with my kids in it when this woman ran in front of my cart and stepped ahead of me in the line. I thought, "maybe she is getting some candy real quick." Nope. She quickly turns around and says, "Sorry, but I was faster. And I'm in a hurry."


I think I was speechless. I was embarrassed to share the same line with such a person and went to a different check out counter. What a looney.

spaceyhawks said...

WOW!!!!That is absolutely unreal! I was hyperventilating while reading this. People are unreal.

Anonymous said...

Wow! All I can think, is poor kids!!!! I am (unfortunately) the type that would have asked her to tone down the language! Unless she looked like a body builder that is...