Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chick v Dude in Alberstons check out lane....

O.K. most of you know I am into football, really into football. This evening I was at Albertsons getting some J-E-L-L-O, and stumbled into a wonderful conversation. There were two guys and two girls on an obvious date getting snacks. I heard a male voice say, "Tony Romo is an over-rated quarterback, he sucks." I started to laugh out loud and they all turned to face me. For those of you who don't know, Tony Romo is the quarterback for the Dallas I don't care too much for the Cowboys but you have to give credit where credit is due. So they all turned their heads in attempt to see what I might be laughing at. I looked at the guys and said, "You have got to be kidding me!?!"

Well in an obvious attempt to not be insulted by a girl about football in front of his female friend...he said, "What you like him and the Cowboys? Do you even know who that is anyway?" Again, most of you that know me know by now this really pushed my buttons. What, just because I have a vagina and breasts I can't know about football??? WTF? So I felt it was time to put this metro-sexual in his place. So I began my rant..."There are literally only 2 maybe 3 quarterbacks in the NFL today that are better. For the three years that he has been playing he has taken the Cowboys to the playoffs every year. What other quarterback has done that? Brett Favre and Tom Brady, and a questionable Peyton Manning are the only quarterbacks that can outshine him. There is a reason he is #3 in the NFL this year, and that is on stats talking not someones opinion. Bill knew what he was doing when he put in Tony and didn't even look back for a reason."

If he had a tail it would have been tucked between his legs as he stood there looking at me. The girls started laughing and the friend of the metro-sexual said to me, "Never in my life did I think I would be standing in a grocery store lane watching my friend be put in his place about football by a girl." As we were all leaving the store they noticed me getting into my car. They said to me, "Nice car!" To which I replied "You can come over here and look, but your hater friend has to stay over there." Again another uproar of laughter and we all went our separate ways.

So to all you men out there that think you know more about football then all will get your turn. Just give me time to map my football knowledge tour around the US and I will be happy to argue with ya. Okay that is my rant for the evening. Thanks for mean reading.

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spaceyhawks said...

Classic!! that's all I can say. That and congrats for putting him in his place!

Kelli said...


derelict10 said...

First off if you dont want to get castrated dont argue football with Nicole Campbell not a good idea at all. The other funny thing is that its likely that she was wearin a football sweatshirt at the scene of the crime. I am guy and I Love Football and I know lots about it but I dont mess with my cuz Nicole she knows her stuff. The second she laughed your shouldnt have even turned around but you had to open your stupid mouth man you got poned big time hahahaha. Nicole You Rock. I bet that guy knew just as much about Tony Romo as Jessica Simpson does. hehehehe
I think that guys male ego dropped about 100 point way to go Nicole!!!
Your Cuz Darren

Anonymous said...

You go girl! The feminist in me just loves to see any male get put in his place by a female especially when it comes to such a one gender dominate topic like sports!!!!
Personally I am more of a basketball women, so I would have just been staring with my jaw dropped! And thinking YES!!!!