Friday, June 10, 2016

Things Are Not Always What They Seem Part 3....

We left off at Nora losing a job she had loved, was good at and had for a very long time. Let's start from there folks.

Nora went to the basement where her husband was working. She was obviously distressed and completely let down at that moment in time. She found her husband sitting at his desk and she went to him for comfort. When she explained what happened and that she was very upset by what just occupied. Her husband responded with, "I knew it was happening when we went to lunch."

(I know I know.... WOW)

Nora was taken back, and wondered why on earth he didn't at least warn her so she might be slightly more prepared for such a shock. He gave no explanation as to why he chose to keep that info to himself. And prepared to head home for the night. That evening was filled with tears of just how on earth she would make it all work. She needed another job and she needed fast! There was no time to wallow in self pity. She had a sick husband to take care of.

She applied to work all over their city and in a few others as well. Finally getting a job, not a glamours one, but a job that would pay bills. She would be a maid at a local hotel. Cleaning wasn't new to her and she figured any job was better than no job at all. Her husband would drop her off at work in the morning and she would wait around until she could get picked up after he was done working his job. Every day she would wake up and get to work. Fearing the rooms she would encounter. The rooms ranged from easy 10 minute clean up, to an occasional horrible mess. That would actually take multiple people to clean. Those were the worst days.

At the end of those days she would come home completely worn out and exhausted. Making dinner for her husband and herself. And eventually crash for the night. It continued like this for some time. Until one day her husband approached her about moving to her hometown. They could stay with her parents until he was able to get a job and they could find a nice place for them to live.

It wasn't ideal to live with her parents but at least she would be back home. So she quit her job, and Jude left his as well. And on they went!

When they arrived things seemed to get a little better. And Nora's father talked with Jude about a new type of cancer treatment, a clinical trial for his brain tumor he could look into. Nora got a job at a local call center and Jude looked for jobs every day. Nora helped around the house by cleaning on her days off and trying to make sure dinner was ready.

One day Jude told Nora that they really couldn't afford the car at the moment because of the lack of work. But they couldn't lose the car, so Nora did the only thing she could do. She went to a local jeweler and sold her wedding ring. The one item she owned that had any sort of value to her. But she had to do it to make sure she could get to work every day. Jude promised to buy her a bigger and better ring when they could afford it. There were so many tears and a broken heart when she walked out of the store. They paid the past due amount on the car and Jude continued his search for a job.

He also was in need of more medicine for his pain, at a whopping $300 there was just no way. Luckily Nora's parents were there to help out as much as they could. They were able to order medicine for Jude so he could continue on his path to being healthy. And more good news came. The clinical trial that Nora's dad suggested, well Jude just so happen to be accepted. He would try out this new idea of using scorpion venom to attack the tumor growing in his brain.This was wonderful news and Nora couldn't wait for this to begin!

And of course Nora couldn't attend these treatments. Jude's involvement with the government allowed him to be treated in secret facilities around the area. She was not allowed to know those locations. Jude began his treatments and Nora continued down the path at work. Sadly Nora did have to call in at work sick almost once a week to take care of her poor sick husband.

Along came Memorial Day, a day that Nora was so excited about. The whole family was going to a local Dam where she had gone all her life. Camping, fair, and a laser light show! She couldn't wait! The night before Nora was sleeping while Jude was showering. She was startled awake and became very concerned. Her husband seemed to have been in the shower for a very long time. She decided checking in on him would be a good idea.

When she arrived in the bathroom something was not right. She found Jude in the floor of the bathtub, right hand completely purple and the water freezing cold. She tried to talk to him and ask him what happened. No response. She shut off the water and helped him up off the shower floor. Dried him off and helped him to their bedroom. After helping him into clothing and get into bed, he was finally able to communicate on some level.

He indicated that he must have blacked out from the tumor, he couldn't see, nor could he hear anything. It was all black for him. Nora used the alphabet in sign language against Jude's hand so he could understand what she was saying. After such a crazy evening Jude finally fell asleep and Nora laid there in a silent worry.

The next morning everyone was getting ready to leave for the day. And Nora had to deliver the bad news. With Jude in the condition, (which didn't get any better overnight)  they wouldn't be able to make it. She would stay home and take care of her husband. As any family would be they were sad, but completely understood. They thought it might be a side effect of the clinical trial he was under going.

The day went on with quietness. Just sitting watching tv and trying to do her best to assist her currently disabled husband. She felt so broken for him and all his ailments. Life just kept delivering him bad news after bad news.

However that night the family started to filter in from their fun day at the Dam. And suddenly Jude was able to see, hear, and talk! There was celebrating and happiness all around. Nora was happy that her husband was feeling better. Even if secretly she was sad she missed their family trip. There would be more memories in the future!

To Be Continued.....

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Charlene said...

just read this post and I am hooked. its around 2am in south africa. can't sleep so decided to go through my old blog posts and refresh my list. boy am i glad i did so...ur story had me drifting away from the sad thoughts ive been having

Sammy Finkelman said...

There's no way this story is true, unless in the end it turns out to be a con, and even then, some facts have been changed beyond all recognition. It doesn't make uch sense as a con though, because no man could pull it off. Secret cancer treatments probvided by the governmwent to secret agenst who became secret agents because they hacked into the NSA? Please! Ad especially that job or jail offer. Not in this world.

Nicole Stenzel said...

@Sammy Finkelman- you are partly right. It isn't true but it is true. This story is actually about, well, me. I am Nora and my ex, is Jude. Every word I wrote is actually exactly what he has told me. Of course ten years later I figured out it was all a big giant lie...that he is still perpetuating. Sad, but alas it is in fact all very very true.