Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nicole M. Campbell

"Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts."
1. Honestly, starting here is scaring me a little. (I don't find myself interesting enough to have 15 unknown facts be written about me.)
2. I don't like chocolate. I realize most girls, well people, would call me strange. I just don't like the texture, taste and the aftertaste of it.
3. I am addicted to criminal TV shows. I find myself staying up late at night watching shows on Netflix relating to anything criminal or law based.
4. My views on religion and God greatly differ from the way my parents raised me.
5. My daughter was born with Cerebral Palsy and I totally blame myself for it.
6. I am scared of my future.
7. Sometimes when I am alone I talk to myself in foreign accents.
8. I love to sing, and wish I could be a singer. (But too nervous)
9. I have an immensely low self-esteem.
10. I would love to be a personal trainer someday.
11. I am training to run the Utah Valley Marathon in June 2012.
12. I didn't do that great in school, but have no doubts that I am smart. I never went to college, but recently realized that a degree doesn't actually mean you an intellectual person.
13. I don't like asking for help.
14. I think I have depression.
15. I love reading, but also seem to stop reading every book about two chapters before I am finished with it. Then I have to go back and start all over again, just to not finish it that time as well.

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Christine said...

You are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your hair cut. Looks like you've lost a lot of weight too. Way to go!

Why do you blame yourself for Rya's CP, if you don't mind my asking?

How were you raised and how do you differ?

What are your favorite shows? I get hooked on a show and can't stop watching it until I'm caught up. I watched almost an entire season of Bones in one day because I couldn't turn it off.

I have GREAT respect for marathon runners. I hate running and can't fathom running for 26 miles.

My ex never liked chocolate either. That's OK. Left more for me. ;)

Nicole Campbell said...

As far as Rya's CP...she had a stroke prior to 27 weeks pregnancy. I guess I blame myself because I was carrying her when she suffered the stroke.

Religion. Well my parents are LDS, I would have to say I waiver between Agnostic and Atheist.

I love Law and Order SVU and The First 48 Hours.

Christine said...

Oh Nicole. {{{Hugs}}}

You are so not to blame for her CP. That's a burden far to heavy for you to carry around for your life.

Repeat after me: I did not cause Rya's CP.

Lisa said...

Love your post- so bold! (But you really need to be nice to my friend...she deserves a break)
PS- I am addicted to crime/law shows too (especially SVU)!!! Love you Nicole!