Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3 Months and we have a nose, eyes and mouth in the Ultra Sound! Yipee

Well ladies and gentlemen we have made it through our first trimester so far, okay. I feel pretty good, except I am always tired. Oh and if I don't eat right away when I am hungry I get a little throw up happy, well I can't say happy...but you get the idea.

We had to change doctors because our insurance didn't cover the Midwife we were seeing. So I found a rather old school doctor in Provo and I really enjoy him. He was quick and funny and honest. I was worried about telling the doctor that I didn't want any prenatal testing done, fearing they would try to talk me into it. But I found that he was pleading a case against it before he even asked if I wanted any. So I felt so much better about that portion. I asked for an ultrasound since he has a machine in his office. He was backed up with clients since he was in emergency surgery with a lady earlier that day....but he was gracious and agreed. So we got another ultrasound and say little Rya or Mac move. It was very exciting to see limbs and see a nose and other facial features. It made it all that much more real to see the baby actually not look like a bean so much anymore. Hopefully things over the next could of weeks will get even better.

We are going to find out the sex of the baby for sure in December. Jon thinks it is a girl, but my parents want a boy so bad. I am just weirded out that I am pregnant still. But whatever we have I will be proud and excited all wrapped up in a little bun! My pants are getting tighter and that isn't a good feeling. I realize it will happen and it will only get worse, but come on! LOL When you can't fit maternity clothes just yet, this is annoying. Other than that I am excited because 6 of my friends and family are pregnant now. One of my old roommates is due just a week or so after me! Yipee!!!

Here is baby Campbell again!!

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Anonymous said...

yay! I love ultra-sounds! They are so much fun and I agree, they make everything feel so much more real!
I am really excited for you!
I know what you mean about the pants to! I ALWAYS gain between 10-20 lbs in the FIRST TRIMESTER... So my pants stop fitting right away! What's up with those girls who where the same pants through the whole pregnancy?? Seriously!
You should start posting pictures of the "baby-bump" when it starts to show!

Monica said...

It's so weird when you think about it. You have something living in you! I can't wait for you to get all fat and cute and waddly!

Andrews Family said...

Congrats Nicole!! I love ultrasound pictures!! Their tiny little profiles are so precious. I'm very excited for you and your family. :)