Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Life works in many mysterious ways!

Well there you have it. I rather can't believe it myself, but the doctor confirmed it. I am one day shy of 6 weeks. I have decided to tell whoever because if I have a miscarriage then at least I will have people there to support me.

Many of you know that we honestly thought this was not possible. So to hear the nurse say, yep you are pregnant and your due date is 5/8/09 was crazy. I will keep you posted on any news, but for now I want to rest and just relax as much as possible.

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Fosburg Four said...

Naughty Nikki got Knocked it sounds like some kind of nasty movie...I am so excited for you! This is so neat! I cried, I got chills, I screamed....all of those lovely emotions! This is so great for you guys!

spaceyhawks said...

Okay shock is still there...but the point is CONGRATS in so many ways, and I am so beyond Happy for you!!! This life is one crazy rollercoaster, and I am loving being on it ;-). Love you woman!

derelict10 said...

I am gonna be the first to comment. Nicole I am so excited for You and Jon I know with alot crap happening lately that you get blessed with a Miracle. Something that you thought wasn't possible just became possible thats a miracle. Your gonna be an awesome Madre and the cool thing is that you have had tons of practice with Zoe cuz I know she thinks your Rad and she is right your pretty freakin awesome. I want you to know how grateful I am to have you and Jon in my life you guys have helped and inspired me a ton and I thank you for it. I will never forget our talk at Dennys in Provo that was awesome. Once again I owe my thanks and Say CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I'm seriously in shock right now- CONGRATS YOU GUYS! That is sooooo exciting!

Sabrina said...

Aaron and I are soo excited for you. Aaron says he finally gets to be a true uncle and that is great!!

We are very excited for you both and now just wish we could be closer to you guys so we could help you out. :)

LOve you both

Monica said...

I'm going to have weird dreams about you more often, maybe they're magical.

Renee' Pendergrass said...

Holy cow! I can only imagine your shock and joy! That is fantastic! I also got chills when I heard! Congratulations my friend!!!!

Maegan said...

Since your last few posts of sadness and crisis you have been on my mind a lot. I can't imagine what a roller coaster month you have had! Congrats to you both! I am so excited to get to see you soon and hug you and your baby-to-come. I also hope you treasure your experience being pregnant, even if it's not always fun because it truly is a miracle. It's always a miracle but I know even more so for you both. Congratulations mama!

The Jazz Man said...

Nicole and Jon Congrats!!! That is so exciting. Im so excited for you guys. And your child will be born in May, thats a great month (My b day is in may) Well once again congrats. You guys deserve something so great as this. You guys rock. Talk to you soon

Anonymous said...

Are you happy and excited, in shock and awe????
You'll love being a mommy. It is amazing the feeling when you have a little baby to hold and stare at! I remember I would just stare at Deklan (my oldest) in amazement when he was first born. I tried to get pregnant with him for a year and then was on fertility drugs for about 4 months after that before I got pregnant. To some people that isn't very long, but to me it felt like an ETERNITY!

Congratulations again!!!