Thursday, August 28, 2008

It Does Get Worse!!!

Okay so I should have saved my title from the other day to this one. And maybe I am complaining a lot on this blog...but if you have a problem with that don't read it. So as I said the other day life is turning into a big old pile of crap. So far here is what makes August suck:

1. Kelli (my bestfriend/cousin/sister) moved to Moscow, Idaho. Sucks because she was one of the only people I could do certain things with and she would understand it or want to do it with me. So her being 700 miles away sucks so much.
2. Jon got laid off of his job.
3. I got paid WAY under what I expected.
4. I had to apply for food stamps. I have never done this before and believe me it is humbling.

So far life sucks right? Well it gets better....

5. So we get a letter from Jon's old company with a check enclosed. The check is for $0.00 with a letter stating a bunch of fees and so forth. Now the reason Jon got laid off is because of money in the first place, so I am pretty sure they just didn't want to pay us.
6. We have rent due on the 1st, and we have $20.00 to our name until I get paid in a week. And considering how much I was unable to work my check will probably be just as much as the last one if not less. Rent is $1200.00! HAHA
7. I got pulled over yesterday, not for speeding. I was stopped at a red light with a police officer behind me. He decided, even though I didn't do anything wrong, to run my plates. I had no idea that this could happen, but it came back as no insurance. We closed our bank account so our insurance couldn't go through and got canceled. So after waiting in the car sobbing because of my day so far, the officer comes to my window. He asks me if there is anything I have not taken care of like a speeding ticket. It took me a minute, but then I remembered getting pulled over on our way to Vegas and I lost the ticket. Thus the ticket was never paid. So he informs me that there is a warrant out of Beaver County for me because of it. At this point I was tempted to just have him cuff me and take me away to escape all this crap for at least a day. He gave me two options, A. Have him take me in and send me to Beaver County or B. Take a ticket for no insurance and appear in court for it. Um, let me think there officer, I think I will take option B! He let me go with just that ticket and it is up to the judge how much my fine will be.
8. I called Beaver about my once $80.00 ticket and the lady informs me that the fine is now $284.00! Awesome huh? I don't have that kind of money right now. She told me I can pay on it but the warrant won't go away until it is paid off. YIPEE! So I have to stay out of the way of the police for some time.

You know I keep saying that life can't get worse, but guess what, it can. It can get a hell of a lot worse. Ugg....

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Monica said...

I fucking hate Beaver County!!!!!!!! My mom lives there and I spent my last two years of high school there and it sucks. I've had a few warrants from unpaid tickets and it gives you the worst anxiety until they get taken care of. I'm home so I'm taking you to lunch!!

Renee' said...

I am so sorry you are going through all of this. To make you feel better, we are so broke right now it's not even funny. With Vince being the only one working, a mtg to pay, barely over the limit to get food assistance but not making enough to make it. I am sorry. $ issues are tough to get through.
I am so sorry about your ticket, but I'm glad to hear that you didn't get hauled off to jail.
Hope this helped some.