Thursday, July 31, 2008

Toe Update

So I finally decided to head to the doctor because my toe was not looking any better. There was a big chunk you could fold back and it was kind of gross. So the doctor said it was infected, even with my attempts to clean it up. The doctor said that she needed to do a surgery on it right then. So we numbed it all up and she cut a bunch of it all off. It bled tons for about 5 minutes with the doctor holding a piece of gauze on it the whole time. The numbing felt really strange and then the pain came! WOW!!

It hurt so bad that I couldn't really walk at all on it. The nurse put a pressure bandage on it and they told me to keep it dry and make sure not to walk too much on it. I have some medicine to take and some other meds for it. Well needless to say my toe is gross and looks funny with a "cast" on it. I also received a tetanus shot, which hurts now. So needless to say I didn't work today since it hurts like a mother to stand on it.

Here are some pictures of it and the little devil herself. She is cute, but mind you her bite isn't so cute. ;)

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Lisa said...

Ew! Gross! Sorry about the toe. Good thing Molly has such a sweet little innocent face! Just like kids, huh? They are cute to save their own lives! Hope you feel better!

spaceyhawks said...

Dang girl, that's nuts. Sorry you had to go through that. Totally bites...haha pun intended. Take care of yourself.
Loves ya!