Friday, March 25, 2016

Things Are Not Always What They Seem Part 2....

Before we get started, I need to clear up one issue, and maybe update you on a few more stories from Jude's crazy life.

  • Jude only stayed with Nora at her house, and when Nora moved he stayed there often. But didn't completely move in until a month or two after the wedding. Thus the in-laws from his first wife lived at his house with him until he finally moved out. 
  • Jude said he played professional soccer for Paris St. Germain. (Yes *that* soccer team) But while playing for them and working for the NSA he was captured and tortured. The captures ruined nerves in his legs and he was unable to further play soccer. 
  • Jude was shot 6 times, with varies scars on his body. Chest, foot, ankle, thigh, back, shoulder. 
  • Jude had spinal meningitis while in an Asian country. Which he cured himself of at a hotel in this Asian country. 
  • He and Jerry were arrested and thrown into a Mexican prison once and escaped somehow. 
  • Jude loaned Jerry $75,000, (even though Jerry's family were millionaires)
So now that you have one thing cleared up about Jude's living arrangements and a few more background stories about Jude's life. (I can tell more as we get further into the story) 

Let's continue.
Married, that's where we left off the story.

Jude and Nora drove back from Vegas. When they returned to their home city, Jude took Nora to her home. He took her inside and said to the roommate, "Now time to find a place for my wife and I to live". Laughed and kissed Nora goodbye. Nora, as sad as she was to say goodbye to her new husband was just happy to be married finally. 

Life resumed as normal, I mean, as normal as it can be when two newlyweds are not living together. Working together and Jude staying with Nora as often as he could. One day Jude came to Nora and stated he couldn't live with his ex-in-laws anymore. He was going to move in with her and the roommate. (YAY) The moving-in began. Jude let Nora know that if DD1 would be staying nights there from time to time that the in-laws wanted to see the house. But Nora couldn't be around when that happened, because the in-laws really didn't like what was happening. 

So that day, Nora shut herself in the upstairs bedroom until Jude came and gave her the all clear. It was time to start our life on our own. Playing with DD1 on occasion and living life. 

But things were about to get rocky...Jude came to Nora and said he was having some more medical issues and would be going to see the doctor. He refused to have Nora join him and he would tell her all about it afterwards. Nora waited not very patiently. Nervous about what more they would have to take on top of his cancer already. Jude entered the room and started he had been diagnosed with Colon Cancer on top of his brain tumor. Well Nora's heart collapsed. What was she going to do; her husband had a brain tumor and colon cancer. But she knew what she had to do, deal with it. Move forward, chemo, radiation, all of that! She would support her man until the end. 

Now since Jude was a bad ass NSA agent, the government was so kindly taking care of his medical needs. But that meant that poor Nora couldn't attend the secret underground facility chemo treatments. But she could pay for the morphine Jude ordered from China to help with his pain. Little vials of yellow oily substance. (Hoping more medically inclined people will catch on to this part) $300 a month for this helpful drug for her husband. 

As the treatment went on for his health issues, Jude began to lose his hair and eyebrows. He would have regular episodes of seizures and blacking out. From time to time he would strangely lose his hearing. They began to teach themselves sign language, so they were still able to communicate with each other. 

One day Nora was at home and received a call from Jude at work. He was delirious and confused, asking for his orange Audi TT. (One he claimed to have owned in the past) Nora rushed to find him wandering aimlessly around the parking lot, and she took him home. After some good decent rest he seemed to feel a little better. 

Life went on this way for a while. More medicine, more sleepless nights, sickness, exhaustion. She was worn down and struggling to keep positive. Jude would be fine one day and then horribly sick the next day. It almost seemed too much, but she was determined to take care of her husband. Even if it was effecting her work. 

One day while at work, Nora, was waiting for Jude to contact her about a doctor’s appointment he said he was going to. She was distracted all day at work and completely forgot to do some work for a very important client. On the way out of the office she was stopped by her boss. Obviously the boss wasn't pleased with the outcome of the day. She explained she was distracted from waiting and apologized. She would make sure to do the work tomorrow. With that she left and went home. The news was grave. The colon cancer was worse and brain tumor had not shrunk at all. 

Life was at a standstill for her. 

The next day came and seemed fine, work was going along. Before Nora left for lunch with Jude she realized she was not able to log into her email. (We all know what is happening, but Nora apparently was not that quick.) At lunch she mentioned it to Jude, who was the IT Director for the company. Apparently Jude caught on faster, but didn't mention anything to Nora. Nora headed back into the office, happy and full from sushi. Her boss approached her and took her into a side office. Where he explained he was upset about the report not being done and was writing Nora up. This was heartbreaking for her, she never had been written up in her three years with the company. She reluctantly signed the paper, but soon realized that was not all. Nora was let go from her job. 

Nora was unemployed, all she did was worry about her poor sick husband and here she was without a job. 

To Be Continued......

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DeLane Emmons said...

This is so interesting! Is it based on a true story? Or experimental writing?

DeLane Emmons said...

True story or experimental writing?