Monday, April 11, 2011

New York, New York, New York!

Day 8: A place you've traveled to.

Can you guess where I have gone? Back in 2001 I traveled all the way to New York state. I had the best time there ever! I went in August, so fortunately for me I was able to see the Twin Towers prior to their collapse. I went all over, saw amazing things, beautiful buildings, shops of all classes. Ate at street vendors, visited wonderful restaurants, and danced until my feet were black and blue. It was one of my finest trips EVER.

However, getting there was a WHOLE different event. I was supposed to fly from Spokane to Seattle, and then straight from Seattle to Leguardia Airport in New York arriving somewhere around 6pm . Well the first round of flights was okay, I was suppose to leave at 7am, but for reasons unknown to me, we left at 9:30. Waiting around in the Spokane Airport for over 30 minutes is more than just boring. I get to Seattle, and find out that the airline I am flying with is actually new to domestic flights. In order to fly with them I had to find the International gate. But you see Seattle Airport was currently being worked on, so I was lost. 45 minutes later I was able to find a tunnel that would transfer me to International flights.

After fighting my way to the gate, since I was thinking we were boarding soon, I was informed over the loud speaker that my flight was again delayed for unknown reasons. 2 hours or so later we finally started boarding our plane. I was ready for the long ride to New York and was happy as a clam. Now here I was 20 years old and heading to a state I have never been to, all by myself. (I had my boyfriend meeting me there, he was flying from Chicago to New York after a visit to his dad's.)

When for some reason the pilot proclaimed that we were no longer heading to New York. We were heading to Midway Airport in Chicago, with no explanation. Here I was in Chicago all alone in one of the most dirty, nasty, filthy airports I have ever been in. We all waited in line to receive instructions from the ticket counter, and it was my turn. "I am sorry miss, but the flights to New York at all booked up. We can put you up in the local motel and you can catch a flight out 10am tomorrow morning." That wasn't going to work. I had a hair appointment at the famous Frederic Fekkai salon on Madison Avenue. I started out being nice to the man behind the desk, it wasn't really his fault. But then you see, he became rude. So in turn I became rude, and for those of you that know me...well I ended up "winning".

I was on the next flight to Newark, New Jersey, (Wait that wasn't where I was going right?) close enough. I was informed that I could get a ride with all the other passengers on a buss the airline was providing. I was also given coupons for the "cafeteria". So I went and grabbed some food and asked the lady where the gate was. She informed me that it was at the other side of the airport and I was boarding in 5 minutes. So I took off, running as fast as my little legs would carry me. Only to get there and find out I was delayed around 45 minutes. I sat with other angry passengers.

So we end up in Newark New Jersey, and there is no one waiting for us like they claimed there would be. So we tracked down a Delta employee and asked for help. Well we all ended up having to get taxi's and we were given vouchers to give to our taxi drivers fortunately. After a long ride to New York I finally ended up at Leguardia Airport at 2am. Lost luggage and all I headed to White Plains with my boyfriend and close friend. Two mornings later I received my luggage in the morning. I loved New York, but not the trip there.

The End

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John Doherty said...

that was a very fun trip ... glad it wasn't a month later